Come In, We’re Open

Starting April 1, we’ll be organising various open enrollment workshops on a regular basis.
Jeroen Janssens

March 5, 2020 • 3 min read

Ever since the inception of Data Science Workshops, our focus has been on delivering the best bespoke in-company courses. Occasionally we have the pleasure of coordinating a data hackathon, coaching a data science team, or organising a Data Science NL meetup. This is not going to change any time soon.

Data Science Workshops at the Big Data Expo

At the Big Data Expo last year, we had a lot of people coming to our stand asking whether we also organise open enrollment workshops. They needed to enroll in a workshop individually, because they had no (or not enough) colleagues to join them in their quest for new skills and knowledge. After answering “Nope, sorry!” for the forty-second time, we knew we had to do something.

We’re very excited to announce that starting April 1 (no joke), we’ll be organising open enrollment workshops on a regular basis. We hope that this way, we’ll be able to help many more individuals and companies level up their data science skills and knowledge. Currently we have scheduled 9 workshops for which you can sign up, including Data Visualisation with R and ggplot2, Introduction to Programming in Python, and Data Wrangling and Modelling with PySpark. We’ll continuously schedule more workshops.

Your feedback is much appreciated—this new service wouldn’t exist without it—so please let us know if, for example, you’d like to see a particular workshop added to the schedule, you’d like to have a workshop in a different location, or you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you soon!