Under the Hood of Data Science

Let’s get rid of the vagueness and magic surrounding data science.


Ask a dozen people what “data science” means, and you get back thirteen different answers. This vagueness is unfortunately accompanied with a lot of hype and misaligned expectations. In this inspiration session, we aim to mitigate this by taking a good look under the hood of data science.

In four hours, we not only explain in clear terms what data science entails, but we also let participants experience what a typical data scientist does by working through a practical use case using a real-world dataset and a programming language such as Python or R. This session is meant for everybody who wants to know what data science is (and isn’t) about. Even when you’ll never intend to work with data yourself, it can be eye-opening to have experienced it. Caution: there’s a chance you’ll want to learn more afterwards!


  • Introductions
  • Why take a look under the hood?
  • Data science in clear terms
    • A pragmatic definition
    • The OSEMN model
    • Data science Venn diagram
  • Overview of tools, platforms, and languages
  • Why use a programming language?
  • A crash course in programming
    • Variables
    • Data frames
    • Functions
  • Use case and exercises
    • Obtaining data
    • Scrubbing data
    • Exploring data
    • Modelling data
    • Interpreting data
  • Where to go from here


We have delivered this course (or a derivative) at the following clients.

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
Verdonck, Klooster & Associates
Unix Support Nederland

Photos and Testimonials

Jamie Dobson
CEO, Container Solutions

Data Science Workshops came to our company to help us understand big data and the tools around it. They are clearly experts in this field and we enjoyed the course, learnt a lot and one day, when we have more big data, we hope to team up again. The trainer was personable, capable, and an expert. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Three-day hands-on workshop
Data Science with R
We’re currently writing the description of this course. Please contact us for more information.
€ 1790 per person