Six solutions to stay sharp.

In-company Training

- our bread and butter - all over the world -

Coaching and Support

List types of coaching (also do this with training).

Bespoke Programme Development

Text Dataset of client

Karlijn Dinnissen
Data Quality Analyst, Textkernel

Attending the bespoke course Data Munging with Pandas at Textkernel has proven to be an excellent choice. Jeroen’s personal approach and highly interactive way of teaching made this course valuable to a diverse group of developers and analysts, as did the possibility to apply theory on our own data and API during the courses. I’ve since been able to code cleaner and more efficient, and applied the pandas package in several monitoring and analytics scripts.

Examination and Certification

Certificates of completion are included with every training course. They’re awarded to participants who have attended at least 80% of all the sessions.

More formal. At the end of each course digitally signed certificate of completion grading customised to learning goals

Data Hackathons

And now for something completely different.

Charles Verstegen
Head of Partner Sales and Data & Analytics, Transavia

Data Science Workshops facilitated a data hackathon for the data team of Transavia. They made sure it was inspiring, helpful, and leading to valuable insights in the way of working with Python for multiple projects and analyses that Transavia is currently implementing.

All Right, One Last Thing

If you’re looking for training and coaching on a regular basis, over an extended period of time, you may like our plans and bundles. With a plan or bundle, you’ll not only establish a culture of learning, but you’ll also receive up to 15% discount on all our other services and courses. We’re so excited about our plans and bundles, that we’ve dedicated a separate page to them.